Thursday, June 21, 2012

Separation of Business and Politics

In the heat of the election season and as a life-long political junkie, I can't wait for election night. It is always one of the biggest nights of the year around my house. Glued to multiple TV's, tuned to every station (and now the Internet) I watch the returns roll in. Depending upon your investment in the campaign, the emotional highs and lows intensify. It's even better to be at a party. Some friends ask why I don't wait until the next morning to read the headlines. Would you turn off the TV before the end of the big game and find out the score tomorrow? This is an important political year full of excitement, so it's easy to be engaged. We're probably finding more people expressing their opinions about politics than ever before. But what about doing this at the workplace?

Political expression comes in a lot of forms. I have to admit I got a little uneasy when I pulled into my office parking lot and saw a bumper sticker that said something derogatory about meat-eaters. Now, I don't have anything against my vegetarian friends, yet I do like a nice steak now and then. What might people think about the opinions displayed at work? Might they be offended?

What about expressing strong political opinions in a small office environment to co-workers and clients? Unless you're working in the campaign office or at the legislature, this might have its limits. I did a little research on how well the workplace tolerates political discussions.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

What is the Wisest Thing to Do in Times of Serious Financial Distress and Political Confusion?

In times of distress it is good and wise and sensible to call on the Lord God and know that He hears and answers. The Psalmist is in distress and I writing from the first Song of Ascent in Psalm 120. Do turn to it as there is wisdom and insight and discernment in these sentences.

Now, do not write this off as being totally irrelevant. Over these next weeks and months we are going to need this help and advice.

This calls for a special quality of leadership and such leadership is scarce in these present times.

But, and we need to know and keep remembering this, when we think of Jesus weeping over the city, and His cries at the foot of the mount of Olives in the Garden of Gethsemane, these significant spiritual incidents did not mean that the burden was lifted. Jesus wept and prayed and went on to face the Cross.

If God does not remove the burden, we know that He will give us the strength to carry that burden. Jesus was so often confronted with the unknown in His Humanity and no more so that when He rides down the Mount of Olives.